Al-Kitaab Part 1 الكتاب الجزء الأول

Al-Kitaab: Part One develops skills in standard Arabic while providing additional material in both colloquial and classical Arabic. With new video material and revised and updated text and exercises. Providing approximately 150 contact hours of college-level instruction, parts of this revised edition are updated with contemporary selections for reading comprehension. The organisation of the chapters has been adapted to reflect the most current pedagogical developments.

Audio tracks for vocabulary sections now allow students to hear a new word followed by a sentence using it in context with previously acquired vocabulary and grammatical structures, enabling students to build new vocabulary skills while reviewing old material. The basic texts have been re-filmed with a new cast of actors.

The DVD also contains substantially more material that exposes the learner to Egyptian Arabic: students have the options of seeing and hearing the video of each lesson in both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian colloquial Arabic. In addition, a short dialogue in Egyptian colloquial Arabic appears at the end of each lesson. 

Ahlan wa Sahlan أهلا وسهلا

Each lesson comprises multiple exercises covering comprehension, grammar, morphology and vocabulary. 

If you are an absolute beginner, you may want to pick up a book like Alif Baa to start off with before transitioning to this one. 


Ya Hala !يا هلا

Eight learning modules, each containing: an opening page, three lessons of two double pages each, and one assessment page. Systematic practice of all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Section to learn new vocabulary. Section which provides pronunciation practice.

Grammar in practice. Section related to different cultural aspects. Section that focuses on functional language to aid communication. Fifteen pages of appendices: Alphabet – Days of the week – Months of the year – Seasons – Colors – Map of the Arab countries and capitals – Explanation of the vocabulary and expressions

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary helps you learn 1,000 key words, written in Arabic script and grouped thematically in 20 main categories ranging from home to leisure and the media.

You get fascinating examples of Arabic as it is used everyday in the Middle East. You can also track your progress with engaging exercises and activities.

This book includes:

  • Hundreds of bilingual flashcards to help you remember your new vocabulary
  • Modern examples of how the language is used.
  • Fun and engaging exercises: matching Arabic words to pictures, crossword puzzles, word searches, guiding writing activities
  • A 70-minute audio CD with Arabic pronunciations for the Core Vocabulary, Further Vocabulary, and Useful Phrases in each of the 16 chapters
  • A special section on taking exams on the Arabic language

    Topics include: Greetings and Basics, House and Home, Family and Friends, Character and Feelings, Shopping, Clothing and Colors, Food and Drink, Body, Health, Hobbies, Media, Weather and Environment, Local Area, Travel and Tourism, Education, Work Examination Tips and Instructions in Arabic Answers to Exercises

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